Growing Separately, Together

Poncho sits down with OCJ’s Derrick and his fiancé Stephanie to talk about supporting each other through their mental health struggles. They discuss what brought them together and how they started off dealing with many challenges.

Poncho dives into how Derrick and Stephanie’s relationship was built on a foundation of hard work and tough conversations. They discuss working together to find common ground on many tough issues. Stephanie reflects on how both her and Derrick appeared to be “normal” and happy in school, but both were hiding pain. Derrick talks about finally coming to terms with his alcohol abuse. They talk about how making hard choices and always trying to do what is best for the unit has allowed them to grow and help each other navigate a life in more positive ways.

Derrick talks about what inspires him to be a better partner and dad. They talk about how working their program allows them to grow, learn and work through the tough times.


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