OCJ Contract Services

Coming in Spring of 2023

Our Collective Journey - Contracting Service
Our Collective Journey - Contract Services

When individuals begin their recovery journey, often they find themselves hindered by many roadblocks stemming from their time in active addiction. Lack of education and work experience (along with the possibility of a criminal record) are some of the issues many of us face when trying to better our quality of life.

Our Collective Journey has developed a social enterprise with the following goals in mind;

  1. To provide meaningful work while surrounded by a recovery community of peers.
  2. To provide gainful employment and a means of income.
  3. Learn new work skills and strengthen a resume.
  4. To generate revenue for daily operations of the OCJ Contract Services.

If you are interested in supporting OCJ Contracting Service, you will be helping individuals in our community build more positive, purpose-driven lives while adding to their life experience.

Contact us today for more details about how you can be a part of this significant service.