OCJ Employment Assistance Program

Our Collective Journey - Employee Assistance Program
Our Collective Journey - Employee Assistance Program

While some may picture a person with a substance use disorder (SUD) as someone who has no home, job, or friends, that is simply not the case for all. In fact, over 70% of people with an SUD are employed. However, maintaining employment does not mean that those with a SUD are high performers at work: 42% of people with an addiction, who have a job, report a decrease in productivity due to their addiction.

The goal of the OCJ-EAP program is not to try and replace the confidential, short term, counselling service for employees with personal difficulties that affect their work performance, but to be in addition to the existing options.

While most EAPs offer a wide range of services, they often refer to other professionals or agencies who can offer more or extended care in particular areas. These options can be incredibly beneficial to employees, but often individuals are not open to accessing these professional resources due to a multitude of reasons including stigma, fear, or embarrassment. By having the option to connect to an OCJ Recovery Coach with lived experience in successfully navigating similar life obstacles, the chances of transformation are greatly increased.

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