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Although my parents did the best they knew how, I learned at a very young age that Its not okay to be who I am. To express myself meant shaming, belittling, anger and hostility. It was quite confusing
June 15, 2021
"In 2018 I tried to kill myself. I can count on one hand the amount of people I've ever said that to, and I can promise you that I've never shared that with anyone while I was sober...
June 8, 2021
"I feel like throughout my 35 years of life, I cannot remember a time I wasn't struggling with mental health issues. It goes as far back as I can remember and started when I was diagnosed with ...
May 17, 2021
This day-long event was intended to help our community frame a pathway forward in healing through messages of HOPE.
May 10, 2021
There are two ways we can approach recovery: by simply complying with what is being asked of us, or surrendering our power. In our experience, individuals who surrender have much more ...
April 28, 2021
I absolutely had no idea that my drinking was a problem. I drank like the people around me. I thought it was normal. Enter drugs. Back in my using days, I didn't have a drug "problem." Instead...
April 27, 2021
We received this feedback after a listener explored Podcast Episode 12 of From Darkness to Life. After obtaining his consent, we wanted to share it. His feedback illustrates the power of ...
April 13, 2021
"Thirteen, 13 is when it started; thirteen is when I got drunk for the first time, 13 is when I smoked my first joint, 13 is when I started engaging in criminal activity, and it was 13 when I first
November 13, 2020
"When people say, "she's too smart for her own good," I really feel a connection to that. Growing up, I was an army brat, the middle child born to a loving but uptight mother and an incredibly stern..
November 10, 2020
"Many of us resemble the drug addict in our ineffectual efforts to fill in the spiritual black hole, the void at the center, where we have lost touch with our souls, our spirit...
November 7, 2020

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