Lasting Effects of Childhood Traumas

Season 2

Lasting Effects of Childhood Traumas

Published on
December 16, 2021

One of the newest members of OCJ, Derrick, sits down with Poncho, Ryan and Amber to share his lived experience.

Derrick discusses growing up with undiagnosed anxiety, depression, ADHD and what it felt like as a child to not understand what was causing the chaos inside.

We discuss how Derrick was able to find the strength and faith to battle the darkness in unconventional ways. The group discusses how childhood traumas, undiagnosed conditions and feeling lost can lead to substance abuse.

Derrick shares with us his story of battling the thought of suicide since the age of 12 and how his stutter made him feel like an outsider.

We discuss how the road to recovery is different for everybody and how understanding our mental health unwellness from a physical, emotional, spiritual and scientific perspective can allow us to take back our power and build a mental health wellness plan that encompasses us as whole human beings.

If you need help... reach out!

We've ALL been there (literally). Our Collective Journey offers a strength-based, solution-focused approach to changing your relationship with substances. We help you obtain the resources YOU decide on to begin building your recovery capital. There is no cost for this support!

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