Recovery Resilience: Sonia Kahlon's Path to Everblume

Season 4

Recovery Resilience: Sonia Kahlon's Path to Everblume

Published on
February 1, 2024

In this episode, Ryan chats with Sonia Kahlon, the founder of Everblume, a revolutionary digital tool for alcohol recovery support for women. Sonia shares her inspirational journey, recounting how she became a recovery coach and established Everblume after selling her successful orthodontic practice. Navigating the complexities of sobriety took an added challenge for Sonia as she also faced the emotional upheaval of her husband leaving her during this period. Despite this hardship, Sonia persevered, delving into the discussion about Everblume's functionality, the advantages of online group recovery meetings, and her dedicated efforts to help women discover hope and healing through peer support. Learn more about Sonia's remarkable story and Everblume at EverBlume.

Connect with Everblume at and on Instagram @joineverblume.

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