Rider Through the Storm

This week Ryan sits down with Canadian Country Music Artist, Greg Rider. Greg shares candidly about his journey into country music and how alcohol became a fixture along the way.

From the Cayman Islands to Nashville, Ontario to Calgary, Greg openly talks about the challenges he has faced and the impact his relationship to alcohol has had throughout his life.

Although their stories are vastly different, Ryan and Greg find common thread in their life experiences with substances and what theyu2019re now doing to make change.


Greg can be found on FB and Instagram @gregriderofficial. He also has a new private FB group called u201cTeam Rider that can be found through his FB page. Check him out, stream some of his fantastic music and support a terrific Canadian artist as he unfolds version 2 of his career and personal journey. Sober.


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We've ALL been there (literally). Our Collective Journey offers a strength-based, solution-focused approach to changing your relationship with substances. We help you obtain the resources YOU decide on to begin building your recovery capital. There is no cost for this support!

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