Social Contagion of Recovery w/ Dr. David Best

Season 2

Social Contagion of Recovery w/ Dr. David Best

Published on
May 5, 2022

We are honoured to have this week guest join the show. With credentials and a resume too long to list, Dr. David Best undoubtedly brings a wealth of Recovery knowledge to our listeners.

Dr. Best shares findings from years of studies, trials, and outcome-based research in regards to the Recovery from addiction.

Other topics touched on include:
ud83dudd39 Personal, Social, and Community Recovery Capital
ud83dudd39 Efficacy of Recovery Support groups
ud83dudd39 Recovery happens in community
ud83dudd39 the importance of building Recovery Communities

Rick and Ryan continue this weeku2019s
Recovery-Focused conversation after Dr. Best is finished.

To read more about Dr. Best, please follow the link below.

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