Transforming Lives: TJ Sheehan's Mission to Help Others

Season 4

Transforming Lives: TJ Sheehan's Mission to Help Others

Published on
May 31, 2024

In this episode, Ryan sits down with TJ Sheehan from Calgary, AB. TJ, the Director of Program Delivery at On A Dime Transformations and the founder of Pivot Education and Recovery Society, shares his raw and honest story of overcoming addiction and escaping the violent world of gangs.

TJ delves into the factors that drove him toward addiction and recounts the pivotal moment that ignited his transformation. Now, he dedicates his life to helping others find recovery, having established the Coastal Recovery Community in BC and working tirelessly through Pivot and On A Dime.

Join us to hear about the support these services provide to individuals on their recovery journeys. Tune in for TJ's inspiring story of redemption and his mission to lead others from darkness to life. Don't miss this powerful tale of resilience and transformation.

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