What are we doing here?

In our pilot episode, our host Poncho gets to know the 'Guys' Rick, Ryan and Damyan, and discuss the "Our Collective Journey" movement and the reason for the podcast.

From Darkness to Life contains the real stories of courageous individuals who have found their way out of the darkness caused by mental health challenges and substance abuse. If the following episode resonates with you and you yourself or someone you love needs help, please reach out to Our Collective Journey on the web at "http://ourcollectivejourney.ca" or on Facebook at "Our Collective Journey."

If you need help... reach out!

We've ALL been there (literally). Our Collective Journey offers a strength-based, solution-focused approach to changing your relationship with substances. We help you obtain the resources YOU decide on to begin building your recovery capital. There is no cost for this support!

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