More Good Days with Kelly Hrudey

More Good Days with Kelly Hrudey

Published on
February 10, 2022

Rick and Ryan graciously welcome former NHL goaltender Kelly Hrudey to the show this week.

After finishing his 15 year NHL career, Kelly has been a mainstay on Hockey Night in Canada. More importantly, Kelly is a very passionate advocate for mental health.

Kelly discusses the first battle with his mental health during the 1992 NHL season while not really knowing what it was. From there, he openly shares his journey along with glimpses into his own daughter's mental health experiences. Kelly talks about Kaitlin's passion and bravery which led to her sharing her story with the world almost a decade ago. She has since started an independent clothing company called 'More Good Days'.

As the gentleman converse, it's clear that they aim to help other have more good days.

Check out where a portion of their proceeds are donated to Canada Suicide Prevention Services and other Canadian mental health organizations.

NOTE: Due to Covid and Scheduling challenges, this episode was recorded entirely over ZOOM. Audio quality may be slightly diminished.

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